Gourmet Camping Meals: Simple Udon Recipe

4 Shitake Mushrooms

It's best to dehydrate these. They'll regain their texture and flavor when you add them to your soup.

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1 Chicken Breast

Chick or the meat of your choice will be fine. It would be best to either dehydrate or cook and slice the chicken before heading out.

4 Eggs

It's best to hard boil these, then slice them and store in a bag. Traditionally, a raw egg is placed in the middle of the udon bowl—but use them hard boiled if you're not comfortable with that preparation.

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1. Boil the udon or noodles of your choice. Drain them and set aside.

2. Follow by boiling your stock.

3. Put stock and noodles into bowls and top it all with the spinach, mushrooms, chicken and leeks.

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