Gear Up for Your Spring Camping Trip

Have Comfortable Adventures

Don't let an overcast afternoon or report of rain keep you at the campsite all day. Warm and rain-friendly gear allows you to explore without worrying that the weather might turn on you. 

Rain jacket: A basic rain jacket is the perfect companion on springtime camping adventures. It's comfortable to wear while hiking or hanging at the campsite and still light enough to pack away. Look for one with underarm vents to allow for maximum airflow.

Waterproof shoes: Waterproof hiking shoes are necessary for muddy spring treks. Bring more than one pair in case water gets inside.

Extra clothes: Whether it rains, or cold temperatures roll in, having extra clothes ensures that you stay comfortable, despite the elements. Bring long underwear, a hat, gloves, and a few jackets or sweatshirts to swap out.

If you're itching to get out after a long winter, plan a spring camping trip. Be sure to pack accordingly and prepare for cold weather and possible rain showers. With the right gear, spring camping can be a refreshing start to a new season of warm weather and sunshine.

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