Camping: The Original Social Media

Campers don't need to be logged into Facebook or Twitter 24 hours a day, seven days a week because they have the campsite.

Cooking with other campers, hiking with loved ones, and enjoying endless conversations with friends both old and new are the equivalent to what we've come to know as friend requests and wall posts.

In fact, camping is a lot like social media. Much of what you do on a computer screen at home is what you do face-to-face at the campsite. So log off Facebook, pick up your camping bag and head to the nearest campground to see how the two are more alike than you may think.

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Like: Campfire Story Contest

Nights around the campfire provide some of the fondest memories for campers. With marshmallows on sticks and stars in the sky, it's the best time to swap tales, both true and fictional.

Make it social: Start a storytelling contest. The person with the most "likes" wins. Make it more fun by making each "like" a s'more.

New Friend Request: Meet the Neighbors

How often do you accept friend requests from acquaintances, co-workers or classmates with the intention of getting to know them, but never learning anything more than their photos and random comments reveal? Months later, you're no closer to developing the relationship. They're still that guy you met at the conference or that woman who's a friend of a friend.

The average Facebook user has 200 friends—whether that's a reflection of real life relationships is debatable. At the campsite, you don't need 200 friends, just a few good people to laugh and enjoy being outside with.

Make it social: Introduce yourself to the neighbors, invite them over for a drink or s'more, and really get to know them. When you're camping, you have a chance to make friends not just add them to your network.

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Status Update: Sunrise and Sunset

Your status at the campsite isn't one you need to update. If the sun is high, you're out hiking, swimming, biking, or exploring. As the sun drops, you're at the campsite cooking dinner. When the stars come out, you're making s'mores and staying warm by the fire.

Make it social: Instead of just telling people where you are, what you're doing and where you plan to go next, invite them to join. Camping is one time when the adage "the more the merrier" is almost always is true.

Wall Posts: Conversation

Long conversations have been replaced by abbreviated communications like wall posts and tweets. Yet at the campsite, conversation can shift from small talk and friendly banter to deeper, more meaningful discussion.

Make it social: Find someone you haven't caught up with in a while and start a conversation. An actual conversation can be more meaningful than a wall post and will lead to more than a like or comment back.

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