A Cooler for All Occasions

The FreeezBox 12-can cooler has a removable leak-proof liner to allow for easy cleaning. There are three extra pockets for additional storage as well as a free, attached bottle/can opener. The FreeezBox 12 folds flat for easy, compact storage and the attachable carry strap makes this cooler ultra portable for all your outdoor adventures.

Submitted by Jean DeFord of Portland, Oregon

Q: How many times have you used your Freezebox 12?
A: I used it about 15 times during the test period.

Q: What did you pack in your cooler?
A: I packed cans of pop, sandwiches, frozen meals for lunch, ice, silverware, chips, crackers, cookies and salads.

Q: Was there enough space?
A: Yes there was plenty of room. I also used the side pockets for the little extra things that didn't need to be kept cold.

Q: Was the cooler light and compact?
A: It is extremely light and when it's not in use it folds down very compactly for storage.

Q: What is the best feature of the Freezebox?
A: I really like how tall it is in the back and how it slopes down toward the front. This is great for extra storage.

Q: Was the leak-proof liner easy to clean?
A: It is extremely easy to remove. You just rinse, dry, then replace.

Q: Did you find the attached bottle opener useful?
Yes I wasn't sure I would need it but it just so happens when we stopped to get some stuff to drink on a trip some of us were actually in need of a bottle opener.?

Q: Did you use the extra side compartments for storage?
A: Yes, they came in handy. I was able to store some extra items in the side compartments.

Q: What did you store in the extra compartments?
A: Chips, crackers, silverware, napkins, my cell phone and a camera.

Q: Do you think this is an essential piece of equipment to take with you while camping?
A: Yes it would be very nice to take. It's great to pack food--and even a few personal belongings--in .

Q: Would you recommend this product to fellow campers?
A: Yes I would. It's nice to have along on a boat or to take on short hikes to keep things cold. It is light and doesn't take up much room.

Additional Comments
This product is very well made and should last for years. I really enjoy using it and the great part is you can use it for so many occasions--not just camping.

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