8 Summer Weekend Adventures

5. Ride Horseback Through Napa Valley

Put on your best floppy hat and enjoy the rolling hills of Napa Valley from a horse-eye view. But, before you saddle up with a glass of wine, head to Mt. George. Located 1,500 feet above Napa Valley, this old Olympic Training Ground gives you a unique view of wine country, making for a truly unique weekend summer adventure.

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6. White Water Raft Kern River

There's no refuge from the hot summer sun like a water-rafting ride. Book a trip to Wofford Heights, California to test your limits in an adrenaline pumping adventure.  Put long workdays behind you as you fight your way down Kern River, one rapid at a time. Finally, after a long day, head into Kernville, where you'll recognize the old Hollywood country setting from many popular films of the 40's and 50's.

7. Sail in Chesapeake Bay

Leave your things at one of the 20-plus beachfront vacation spots on Chesapeake Bay and then head out for a day of sailing and sunshine. What better way to spend a weekend than riding the waves on open ocean waters? Whether you're new to sailing or consider yourself a veteran captain, a weekend sailing on Chesapeake Bay will be one to remember.

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8. Scuba Dive in the Florida Keys

There are few places more inviting on a warm summer day than the clear waters of the Florida Keys. Escape from the afternoon sun and dive into your scuba gear for an exotic view of the ocean, as you've never seen it before. But don't leave before visiting the only living coral barrier reef, located in Florida Keys waters.

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