7 Ways to Enhance Your Everyday Hike

5. Run

There's no reason not to turn a hike into a trail run. Throw on your running gear and add some jogging into the mix. You can work on endurance, footing, finesse and fitness level simultaneously, even if you don't run regularly. Take it slow and watch for sticks, roots and rocks that could trip you up.

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6. Find a Difficult Route and Use a Hiking Stick

If you go on a difficult hike, bring a hiking stick or trekking poles along with you. You can go longer and climb steep sections with more ease. Not to mention this allows you to be more gentle on your knees.

7. Take Your Dog

You truly start to understand why dog is human's best friend when you take Fido on a trek with you. Before heading out, be sure your dog can physically handle the terrain and length. While on the trail, be sure to watch for snakes, or other critters, that could hurt your pup.

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