6 Tips to Surfing With Your Dog

5. When You Think Fido Is Ready

Start off in the whitewash. Don't take Fido out to the big waves for the first several times you go to the beach. Let him get used to his balance on the board and falling off in the shallow water. When you go out, have one hand on the tail (back) of the board and one under you dogs stomach. This way as you go out thru the waves you can push down on the tail to go over the top of the wave while holding your dog securely. It also makes it easier to turn around as a wave approaches.

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Make sure your surf dog is standing in the back of the surfboard. As the wave approaches, slowly move to get to the same speed as the wave, then let the wave take him. No sudden moves. Remember this is fun.

Lots of encouragement and praise. At first they may run to shore but after catching a few waves, or your dog may like it and swim back and jump right back on for round two.

6. Practice Makes Perfect

Most all dogs want to run to the front of the board which will cause a nosedive under the wave. It just takes practice to get them to stay in the correct position on the board. Don't give up.

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It takes a little practice to get Fido ready for his first surf competition, you may have to play around with different size boards and techniques as all dogs are different. If your dog is not digging the surf thing, don't force them to do it. Many dogs do not like falling off and will run to shore.

Some may not come back in the water. You want to make it a fun experience for them. If they don't like it, don't push it. There are plenty of other activities you can do with your dog.

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