6 Common RV Repairs You Can Do on the Road

Unlike cars or trucks, recreational vehicles tend to suffer more because of their size, build and unending road vibration. Throw in poor road conditions and lousy weather and RVs take an even bigger beating.

RV trouble can crop up from a sudden unseen pothole, low-hanging branch or a general maintenance issue. This doesn't have to put a wrench—and the three-hour-long wait at the local mechanic—in your trip.

Here are the most common problems and RV repairs you can do on your own while you travel.

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Problem #1–RV Tire Blowout

A tire blowout on the highway is extremely dangerous and can cause a lot of damage to your motor home or trailer. The time lost while you switch to a spare could take hours, if not days.

How to avoid: Check your tire pressure regularly. Try to do so every morning before you pull out and the tires are still cold.

Inspect your tires often for any damage, no matter how many or how few miles you've traveled. The life of an RV tire should be measured by how old it is, not the tread wear. Check with your tire's manufacturer or a reliable tire shop for accurate information.

How to repair: If you have a blowout, pull completely off the road as soon and safely as possible. All passengers should exit the vehicle and stand far away in case of a collision.
Follow standard tire-changing procedures and make the change quickly. If you have a motor home, you'll probably need to call for roadside assistance due to the weight of your rig and its tires; a small trailer may be easier to handle completely on your own. Once on the road, make sure you get a replacement spare right away.

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