5 Ways to Enjoy Nature This Winter

The coming of snow and chilly temperatures doesn't mean your outdoor fun is finished for the year. There's a beautiful winter world awaiting those who want to enjoy nature during the cold season. Here are five ways to turn the winter doldrums into a desire explore, despite the chilly temperatures.

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1. Strap on the Cross Country Skis or Snowshoes

Regardless of how you prefer to tread through the snowy trails, just get out there and do it. Not only will you be able to explore the depths of a winter forest, but both cross country skiing and snowshoeing are great ways to enjoy nature while staying active. Look for a place to rent equipment if you don't own it already. 

2. Take Advantage of a Season's Pass

Skiing is a great way to enjoy nature despite the snow. Whether you've skied down a black diamond or are still doing the pie move down a bunny hill, now's the time to get out there. Buy a lift ticket, book a lesson and enjoy the crisp mountain air in your lungs.   

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3. Drill a Hole in the Ice and Drop a Line

Ice fishing is one of the most relaxing ways to enjoy nature during the cold season. Go solo or take your family; kids will love playing on the lake and you'll be hard pressed to beat the serene, winter lake surroundings. At the end of the day, warm up with some fresh caught fish on the grill. 

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4. Test Your Below-Freezing Climbing Skills

Enjoy nature as you ascend the side of an ice sheet. To start ice climbing you should already have a good base of rock climbing experience; after all, vertical ice climbing is a far cry from the climbing wall at your gym. Still, with the right experience, classes and possibly a guide, even beginner climbers can have a go at the excitement. 

5. Winter Camping

In many respects, a winter camping trip is more peaceful, interesting and beautiful than those in the summer. With temperatures likely to dip to extreme lows, be sure you have the proper winter camping equipment including sleeping gear and clothing to layer. 

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