5 Reasons to Go Primitive Camping With Kids

Primitive Camping Tips

Now that you're convinced, remember these tips as you plan your first trip.

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  • A water source may not be available so bring some H2O with you—the general rule is 2 gallons per person, per day. Remember, you need water for drinking, washing hands and faces, and cleaning up after meals. If you know there's a lake or a stream near by, bring a water filter so you can refill. 
  • Bring plenty of food. The next convenience store could be miles away and kids can eat a lot, especially, when they're active.
  • Know bathroom etiquette when camping in a remote location. Human waste and toilet paper can be hazardous to wildlife.
  • Have a First Aid kit for bumps, cuts and minor emergencies.
  • Know the Leave No Trace Ethics. The general rule: Pack in, pack out. In other words, take all your trash, extinguish your fire fully and properly, and leave the site exactly as you found it.
  • Bring your own wood if you want to have a campfire. Wood gathering is prohibited in most places; even dead branches on the ground should be left where they are.  
  • Always carry a map and compass in case your GPS loses signal.

Primitive camping might seem like it's more work than campground camping; if you're not used to it, it can be. But, as your children learn the ropes and you become more comfortable you'll quickly see that there are benefits to campground camping and primitive camping.

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