10 Ways to Make a S'more

Few things go together like graham cracker, milk chocolate and marshmallow. It's hard to forget that first bite, when crunchy cracker oozes melted marshmallow out the sides and sticky fingers remind you this won't be the last one.

Though there's nothing wrong with the classic s'more style, variety is the spice of life. So, check out these 10 delectable s'mores recipes before your next campfire.

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S'more Technique

Regardless of what s'more you're eating, basic technique dictates that every s'more be put together in the same fashion: chocolate and marshmallow sandwiched between the "bread." Keep this in mind as you explore these recipes.

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10 S'mores Recipes to Try

1. Classic Style

There's nothing like the classic; it has everything a good s'more needs: crunch, chocolate and warm melted marshmallow.

Cinnamon dusted graham cracker, milk chocolate, marshmallow

2. The Healthy Hippie

It's easy to bring a healthy touch to your s'mores recipes with a few basic substitutions. Give this one a try.

Granola bar, dark chocolate, fluff

3. The Nutty One

If you love that nutty crunch, this is the s'more recipe for you. The peanut butter cookie makes this campfire treat absolutely decadent.

Peanut butter cookie, nut chunk chocolate, marshmallow

4. The Game Changer

The cinnamon in snickerdoodle cookies gives this a similar flavor as standard s'mores recipes. But, use the peep in place of a marshmallow and you have an entirely new flavor explosion.

Snickerdoodle cookies, milk chocolate, peeps

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