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Triathlon Business International is the trade organization for the triathlon business community and is dedicated to an providing value to triathlon businesses and individuals interested in the success of triathlon. Triathlon Business International serves our members by being an influential voice in the development of the sport and by strengthening the triathlon business community through education, collaboration and networking.

Triathlon Business International has two membership levels. Memberships are for 12 months. Choose the one that fits your business best and join today?

Individual Member - $95
- For individuals and one-person companies. Includes triathletes, sports enthusiasts, endurance coaches, race directors, photographers and the myriad of professions and professionals looking to support growth in the industry.

Business Member - $295
- For businesses of all sizes. Includes a widely expanding number of companies including traditional and online retailers; service industry companies including physical therapy centers, gyms and training facilities, online training companies and coaching services; manufacturers; race directors and event management companies; suppliers to events; national publishing companies; apparel manufacturers; and other companies who focus on the industry.


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