Juicing 101: How to Ease Into and Out of a Cleanse

On the flip side, you'll want to ease back into eating meat just as slowly and meticulously. Start with organic poultry, and then slowly add beef and fish back into your diet.

Mercury levels can be especially hazardous to your health when the body is in such a clean state. So opt for fish sources lower in mercury, like salmon and trout.

Another vitally important reintroduction: Eat plenty of easy-to-digest foods such as saut?ed or steamed vegetables and greens.

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Good proteins sources: legumes, eggs, whey protein and nuts will ease the body back into normal consumption and digestion.

Other vitally important steps: as you ease back into eating solid foods, invest in a good probiotic, take it slowly, and don't overeat. This will keep your body in the healthy functioning state that you've worked so hard to achieve.

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Take Your Time

Patience is a virtue when it comes to embarking on a juice cleanse. The health of your body and the success of your cleanse is completely dependent on your patience to let the cleanse do its job. You'll get hungry, and maybe grouchy, but keep your eye on the prize to help you press forward: a healthier mind and body.

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