5 Healthy Makeovers for Holiday Sides

Get Real

Go for real cranberries—not the canned version. Most canned cranberries contain fake sweeteners and artificial preservatives. These choices will end up spiking your blood sugar levels and make you crave more of the unhealthy stuff. Real cranberries, on the other hand, contain cancer-fighting antioxidants and are packed with fiber. You can sweeten them up with raw honey, which will give you energy without spiking your blood sugar.

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Sneak Healthy Ingredients Into Dessert

Dessert, such as pumpkin pie, can be good for you. Pumpkin is rich in minerals, antioxidants and a good source of B vitamins. Instead of pumpkin-pie filling, which contains added sugar, opt for fresh pumpkin or organic, canned pumpkin puree. The crust and extra ingredients in the pumpkin pie are what make it unhealthy. Add oats or a small amount of crumbled walnuts for extra crunch, Greek yogurt for a thicker texture and spices for more flavor. For sweetness, add a dash of Stevia or all-natural agave extract.

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