3 Simple Steps to a Healthy Lifestyle

There are dozens—possibly hundreds—of steps folks can take to create a healthy lifestyle for themselves.

The tricky part is following the path that's right for you and then seeing it through.

There's quite a bit of trial and error involved in pinpointing the perfect recipe for your life. But there are a few simple and fairly painless steps that can get you started.

Step 1: Buy Your Food at a Local Farmers Market

A great step to living a healthy lifestyle involves eating fresh and nutritious foods. Your local supermarket may offer you better prices, but the food is more likely than not of a lesser quality than what you could find at a local farmers market.

According to a Cambridge University journal, farmers markets are not only growing in popularity but also provide "broad social, economic and environmental benefits to a community."

Think about the added benefits derived from buying your weekly fruits, vegetables, as well as dairy, from your local farmers market.

  • Most local farmers employ organic growing practices. That means you're putting better quality food into your body.
  • Supporting local farmers means your food has to travel fewer miles to reach you. That means you're putting more back into the local economy and reducing the carbon footprint of food.

Obstacles may include the fact that your city doesn't have a farmers market, as well as the affordability issue.

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