14 New Superfoods You Should Try

Chia seeds? In our rearview mirror. Kale? So 2013. Make way for these new superfoods.

Sesame Seeds

These overlooked little seeds should be making a comeback in your pantry this year due to their high levels of calcium and zinc (almost 20 percent of your daily dose of each). One study found that sesame seed consumption helped with improving lipid and glucose profiles in pre-diabetic patients, and a 2010 study reported similar findings in an animal model.

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Beluga Lentils

Expect to see plenty of lentil dishes on the menu this year. What's so great about them? How about everything.

Several studies have pointed out the benefits of legume consumption on prevention and management of chronic disease, but it's beluga lentils rich black color that give it an edge on other lentils. Any time we have a very rich color in a fruit, vegetable or even a bean, the more color, the more benefit to your health.

Black anthocyanins in these little beads have been found in other foods to be tops in fighting inflammation, cancer and heart disease. (Want more immunity solutions? Here are 23 immune-boosting strategies you can trust.)

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