8 Steps to a Healthy Relationship With Food

5. Eat common food differently.

Try taking a cucumber slice and nibbling around the rim until the circle gets smaller and all that is left are the soft seeds in the center. Or slice the cucumber lengthwise instead of the usual way. Put an orange piece in your mouth and try to maneuver the seeds out with your tongue while leaving most of the skin intact. Eat a soft pear with a spoon. Or peel a lime like an orange.

Breaking the "normal" rules will help you see food in a different light and may reignite some excitement for what used to be boring foods.

6. Appreciate your food.

Whether or not you pray before a meal, take a few seconds to sit still and think about where the food in front of you came from. Remember that someone had to grow it, tend it, and prepare it. If it didn't come from a factory, it came from a living plant or breathing animal that should be acknowledged and appreciated.

7. Chew your food.

Not only is this good for digestion, but it allows you to really taste what you're eating. Processed food manufacturers spend a lot of money trying to figure out how to make things taste good, but the interesting thing is that a lot of natural, whole foods already DO taste good. We're just not taking the time to roll them around our tongues.

The amazing thing about your tongue is that your taste buds are constantly regenerating themselves. In two weeks from now, you will have none of the taste buds that are currently in your mouth. This means that our taste buds can become more refined.

Before I started eating whole foods, I could not tell the difference between some food products. Now if I eat ketchup, I can actually taste the sugar in it. Sometimes I can taste when something contains white sugar or a sweetener. You'll be amazed at the difference chewing can make to enhance your palate.  

8. Share your food.

If at all possible, don't eat alone. Good food should be accompanied by a sense of community and mutual affection, prepared with love. We feel bonded to the people we share our food with. And don't eat with people you hate. It's bad for digestion.

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Vanessa Rodriguez is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and an online editor for Active.com. You can follow her at vanessaruns.com.


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