Jerusalem: 3,000 Years of Holiness

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Jerusalem began as the City of Ophel of the Jebusites, was occupied by Rome, invaded by crusaders, and today is the capital of Israel. The Jerusalem of antiquity was home to the ancient Israelites who worshiped at Solomon's Temple. Explore the city's long religious legacies, from Solomon's Temple to today's modern Hekal Shlomo Synagogue. Learn about the setting of the city during the time of Jesus. See how Christian traditions developed in Jerusalem, changed over the centuries, and are observed today. The Dome of the Rock and the Al-Aqsa Mosque mark the spot today where it is written that the Prophet Muhammad rose to heaven, came fact to face with God, and received the teachings of Islam. Fee includes a Middle Eastern lunch. Class will be held at District 622 Education Center, 2520 East 12th Ave, North St. Paul.
Steven Derfler, Ph.D., a retired University of Wisconsin  - River Falls professor, is Executive Director of Educational Resources, Inc., He has co-directed archaeological excavations in Israel, and has led travel/study programs to Egypt, Israel and Jordan, Morocco, and Greece and Turkey.

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