NLC BB Girls (Grades 1/2)

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NLC is a combined youth basketball program for the communities of North Liberty & Coralville. These towns will receive the resident rates. This low-competition program is designed to teach the fundamentals of the game and provide equal participation. Games and practices will be held on Saturdays at the North Liberty Community Center, Coralville Recreation Center, Van Allen School, Buford Garner and Kate Wickham Schools. Meeting time allows for a 30 minute team practice followed by a 1 hour game. Teams will be chosen at random, there is no guarantees on being placed on a friend's team or requested coaches' team. If you register in North Liberty you will be placed on a NL team, if you sign up in Coralville you will be placed on a CV team. Volunteer coaches are necessary for the success of this program! If interested please mark on the registration form or contact either Brian Motley (NL) at 626-5716 or Erik Dinusson (CV) at 248-1750.

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