Student/The Walking Dead Escape: NYC/ Must Show Student ID at Registration Check In


Start: Saturday, October 12, 2013

Pier 86 12th Avenue
New York , NY 10036
Registration Closing Date

Saturday, October 12, 2013

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About This Activity

The Apocalypse is upon us and New York City has been compromised. The only way out is by purchasing an Evacuation Pass and successfully navigating the Evac Zone located on Pier 86.


The Escape will not be easy. The pier is inconveniently the most Walker-infested location within the city. Along with the numerous hordes of Walkers, other obstacles lie in your way. Be prepared to climb, crawl, hide in tight spaces and slide your way to safety.


It is not a race; it is survival, but move swiftly - the end is near.


Government Scientists will greet those who make it thru the park to determine whether you have been infected, or are free to celebrate with other Survivors.

Event schedule and times

Saturday, October 12: 6:45 pm - Midnight

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