Part 2 - Online - Monday

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Online Education class.
This class meets at 10:00pm Eastern / 9:00pm Central / 8:00pm Mountain / 7:00pm Pacific

Level 2: Happiness

May all be happy.
May all be without disease.
May all creatures have well-being.
None should be in misery of any sort.
- Vedic Prayer

* What is happiness?
* Is it a natural state?
* How is happiness experienced and how is it lost?
* Is it permanent or transient?
* Four states of attention, the nature of observation.

Once you register, you will be sent additional instructions with a password to get into the classroom.  In addition, for new online students as part of those instructions, we will work with you to schedule a one-on-one session prior to the class.  This one-on-one is mandatory and is set up to help checkout your gear -- assure that you are audible and visible -- and also to get you comfortable with navigating the online classroom. 

For new online students, we must get your registration by the deadline so that we have sufficient time to schedule the one-on-one session prior to the class date.  These sessions take about 20-30 minutes to provide an orientation to the classroom before your first class, however, as it may also involve helping with the equipment -- an hour will be scheduled.  Due to the nature of this limited-seating class, there is no refund available if you withdraw after the deadline or fail to attend an agreed upon one-on-one session without providing advance notice.

Click here for more information on the program including required and recommended equipment.

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