Abstract Painting (Q4)

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Create a significant body of work through investigation of the techniques, theory and history of abstract painting.  We will review and discuss the work of the contemporary and historical abstract painters, and also consider the relevance of their times and technology.

Students will be encouraged to experiment with new approaches, materials and techniques, surfaces and scale, as well as options for presentation.  With individual support, students can begin to create an abstract visual vocabulary of their own.  Emphasis will be placed on improving the integration and refinement of the formal aspects of the work-compostion, color, shape and line.  Students will also be encouraged to expand their use of traditional froms of watercolor, gouache, oil, or acrylic with new combinations, recipes or applications.  Our process of discovery and problem-solving will help each student evolve a creative strategy for their abstract painting, and move with confidence to realize it--whether choosing to develop the range of an existing project, or embarking upon a completely new investigation.

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