Non Anger - The Final Dharma

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Non Anger - The Final Dharma
A Talk by Clifford Henderson 

Saturday evening, November 10th, at 7:00 p.m. 
What is Anger? Where does it come from? Why am I angry? Is there a remedy?
To live free of anger is to cause no harm to others and especially to oneself. Yet we often are angry, causing hurt and irreparable damage to everything we know and love.
The word anger can be traced back to a Sanskrit word which implies narrowness, anxiety and distress. How can we live stress free and less narrowly, thus making room in our lives for greater happiness?  The original meaning of dharma is "to hold, carry, or sustain." To hold to Non-Anger would be natural, for our true nature transcends anger and hurt and meanness and hate.
Join us to ask these important questions with freedom and humor. Let's explore the possibility of being liberated from anger in our lives.

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