Figure, Portrait, Still Life (SSI)

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This intensive class is a complete academic-atelier approach to the art of painting and drawing
the figure, still life, and portraiture, with color and composition. The course is designed to help beginners develop a progressive approach to the art of painting, and to help advanced students master their skills. Included in this course will be an in-depth, intensive one-week color workshop on basic color theory, composing and using color. The class will be based on Adoquei's essay on "7 Immortal Laws of Color." It is an introduction to color, color mixing, the use of color and arrangement of color; which provide a broad range of skills and ideas that the artist can use in order to create beautiful.

Sam Adoquei was born in Ghana and received his  B.A. from Ghanatta College of Art. Author of How Successful Artists Study and Origin of Inspiration, Adoquei?s work is in several prominent museum collections. He received a Medal of Honor for his contribution and dedication to the arts and culture in Pomport, Bergerac, France.  Learn more at

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