Central Park 5k Fun Run

About This Activity

MOVFitness invites runners from all over join us at the Central Park 5k Fun Run on the second Saturday of each month.


Registering with our race is your access to our fun run. No bib necessary, you'll get access to TheMOV Fitness Network + 1 Race Day Registration. Keep in mind these are small fun runs designed to motivate you to stay in shape and enjoy the scenery of the outdoors.

Packet Pickup

We have no packet pickup necessary. Your registration gives you access to plenty of tools online and we have your information stored digitally. Once registered, check out OpenVase to see your goodie bag designed just for you.

How To Volunteer

We love having volunteers! When signing up, click on the "volunteer" area when asked why you are signing up. Make sure to fill out your profile to completeness so our staff knows who they are talking to when they respond to you.

Where Does Your Money Go?

#1: MOVDance takes in the majority of your funds. We will use future funds to further develop this website and expand the teaching to low-income children around the world. #2: Airikai receives another strong portion of the funds. #3: Our race directors and volunteers actually get paid to help out and funds are distributed for the cost of the race. #4: TheMOV Website takes quite a bit of upkeep to have a virtual life coaching network.

An incredible stroll around Central Park early Saturday morning. The Central Park 5k Fun Run is an exciting way to enjoy the view while giving back to the city. Funds raised for this event benefit MOVDance – helping low income children learn dancing and self respect. The run/walk is 5k or 3.1 miles and is flat the entire course. Runners & athletes are welcome though the focus is to raise money and have fun! When you come to New York, a trip is not complete unless you’ve ran in Central Park. Whether you want to see ducks swimming in summer time or ice skating in winter, this is a central hub for the city for years. Stay after your run and enjoy the park. Come out and run with your friends and bring a picnic basket for a fun brunch or head out to the lake and see what is going on! Everyone is welcome! To participate in the MOVRun Central Park 5k, register now ! WHAT’S DIFFERENT? MOVRuns are VERY unique compared to all other running events you’ve been to. We don’t have official staff at our event, but instead local volunteers who are happy to time you, cheer for you, and help give you directions along the course. However, we give out NO WATER, we don’t pollute the environment in any way – and we hope you help us leave the park a little cleaner than we found it in. Please bring your own water bottle and understand that our run is limited to 100 people. These are small, intimate events where we really hope everyone can help us raise money for our cause. To teach dancing to these young kids is a great way to clean up the violence on the streets & your participation with us really helps. Upon registering, you’ll receive an electronic goodie bag filled with your choice of a fitness DVD, a fitness book, motivational book, meal planning guide, and hopefully more as we grow. These are not small gimmicks but products you can also find at your local book store from fitness guru Matt Hackney. Our goal is to provide a fun run to the community while raising money for MOVDance. ____________________________________________________________________ WHAT’S IN THE GOODIE BAG? Our goodie bags are 100% electronic and super cool! Check out our Goodie Bag page for more details. ____________________________________________________________________ HOW MUCH SHOULD I DONATE? Prices are automatically set when you register $20 if you preregister (more than 2 weeks in advance) $25 if you preregister 2 weeks in advance $30 if you preregister 1 week in advance You’re welcome to give a larger donation if you wish No registration day of the race More questions? Check out the Discussion Board.

2 Weeks before Race: $25 Last week before Race: $30 No Race Day Registration.

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