Level 2 Swimming Lessons Ses.1 2013

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Fundamental Aquatic Skills Purpose: To provide student with opportunities for success with fundamental skills. Important Course Objectives to be met: 1. Submerge entire head (5 seconds) 2. Show comfort maintaining a front float position with face in the water (5 seconds). 3. Demonstrate a front glide (2 body lengths) 4. Front in a face-down position (jelly fish float) ( 5 seconds) 5. Show comfort maintaining a back float position (5 seconds) 6. Demonstrate a back glide(2 body lengths) 7. Change direction of travel while paddling on front or back 8. Roll over from front to back 9. Roll over from back to front 10. Tread water, using arm and leg motions, in chest-deep water 11. Swim on front using any combination of arm and leg actions while unsupported (15 ft) 12. Swim on back using any combination of arm and leg actions (15 ft) 13. Swim on side using an alternating or simultaneous leg action (5 ft) 14. Discuss water safety rules 15. Move in the water while wearing a lifejacket 16. Discuss how to recognize a swimmer in distress

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