2013 Baby Basics Walking Challenge

About This Activity

2013 Baby Basics Walking Challenge is being held to support an all volunteer program which provides diapers and kindness to babies from low income working families on a regular basis.

The walk will be held at the wooded picturesque trail and boardwalk at the North Collier Regional Park.

Delicious brunch, entertainment and camaraderie is the theme of the day. The goal is to raise enough money to support 315 babies currently being served. Baby Basics Walking Challenge is in partnership with the Collier County Parks and Recreation.

Baby Basics of Collier County is a 100% volunteer organization where the focus is on maximizing the potential of children under three years old. While providing free diapers, our goals are to also help build community and break down the sense of isolation felt by many hard working families. We recently celebrated having provided 1 million diapers to working low income families. Criteria for the program: one parent working; child under three; living in Collier County or Bonita; not receiving federal or state cash assistance; must meet financial criteria. (185% of poverty level).

There s lots of other ways you can help

Help babies! Make a secure donation today. 100% of all donations (less active.com s handling fee) goes directly towards the purchase of diapers for babies in need.
Click here to donate

Become an Individual FundraiserThe top 3 walkers who raise the most donations will be eligible for either Theater Tickets, 2 Spring Red Sox Tickets, or Dinner for Two.

Go to the Donate Page and click on "Become a Fundraiser" to bring up the submenu. Click on "Fundraise as an Individual " and follow the instructions.

Create a Fundraising Team
Power in numbers! Create your own Baby Basics fundraising team to support you as you walk to help babies in need. On the Donate Page, click on "Become a Fundraiser" to bring up submenu. Click on "Create a Fundraising Team" and follow the instructions.

Spread the Word
Talk up the Walk! Whether you decide to donate and/or walk , you can greatly increase the amount of money raised and the babies we can help by inviting additional friends to join us or donate to this cause. Talk, write or email your friends, family and acquaintances about this event by forwarding this link to them and encouraging their support and/or participation. Spread the word on FaceBook and Twitter. Together we can energize our community. Click here to Invite Others

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