1. How much does it cost?
  2. How is the transaction handled?
  3. Do I need to set up a merchant account or provide other financial information?
  4. How are the processing fees collected?
  5. How do I get paid?
  6. How do I put a link to registration on my web site?
  7. How do I get my registrant information?
  8. How do participants access the online registration?
  9. How do I handle refunds?
  10. What are the fees?
  11. What about foreign registration?
  12. How do I get started?
  13. What is Active.com's privacy policy?
  14. Are online transactions secure?
  15. If I forgot my username and password, what do I do?
  16. What is Active.com?
  17. What is Registration Protector?
How much does it cost?
There is no charge for administrators using our online registration services. However, there is a small processing fee that covers the cost to fulfill each participant's registration. This charge is for services like taking and maintaining the registration data on our registration systems and providing customer service. It is applied to the entire order. The processing fee can be structured in several different ways to meet your registration needs.
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How is the transaction handled?
Active.com will process the transaction in your name. The participants will get a confirmation message upon completing the registration as well as a confirmation email.
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Do I need to set up a merchant account or provide other financial information?
No. Active.com handles the entire credit card authorization process from start to finish.
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How are the processing fees collected?
The most common way is to add the processing fee to the registration fee. That way, the person registering pays your regular fee plus the fee we charge for the convenience of signing up, paying online instantly and confirming the participant's registration and providing customer service. And you still will receive the full amount of your registration fee and it doesn't cost you a cent.

Another method is to simply "build" the processing fee into the cost to register so all the participants pay the same amount regardless of whether they register online or by paper. If you are able to modify your registration fee, "building" the processing fee in will likely increase your online registration numbers.

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How do I get paid?
Active.com will mail a check to you (or whomever you designate as the payee) every two weeks for registrations processed during the previous two-week period. You always have online access to the registration results including a transaction summary to help keep track of funds.
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How do I put a link to registration on my web site?
If you have an eteamz web site: Team Sports Registration provides eteamz web masters with the ability to automatically place links to online registration. Choose from a standard configuration or customize the placement of registration links on your site.

If you have your own event/activity website,create a button for your website to promote online registration.

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How do I get my registrant information?
Your events registration data is stored on our servers and are kept private. You can easily access your registration data at any time, from any computer with an Internet connection. Our application was built with your needs in mind and has easy to use tools including registration search and filters, and a powerful download wizard.

If you have an eteamz web site: Login with your administrator username and password, select the "registration" folder which will take you to your registration center. Then select the report that you would like to view.

If you are an Active.com event director: Go to www.active.com/myevent/, login with your username and password, and select "my registration center" at the top left of the ED homepage. From the registration center select the "reports" folder (on the left by double-clicking on the folder) and then select the report that you would like to view.

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How do participants access the online registration?
There are two ways that participants can access your event/ activity online registration.

The first option is to provide a link to registration from your web site: If you are an eteamz administrator we will provide you the HTML code that will insert a hyper-link to your Active.com registration form. You can simply copy and paste the code into your eteamz web site (or any web page) so participants can access registration right from your existing homepage.

If you have your own event/activity website,create a button for your website to promote online registration.

Or participants can go to Active.com or eteamz.com and either select what type of sport you're looking for or enter a keyword search that will allow participants to enter the name of the event/ activity OR types of sports (running, cycling, triathlon, etc.). To narrow down the search, participants can enter in the State abbreviation (CA, IL, NY) or a zip code to get the search even more refined.

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How do I handle refunds?
Active.com does not issue refunds. Active.com will pay you for the registrations processed. Any refunds will need to be handled between you and the registrant.
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What are the fees?
The processing fees are applied to each registration.
Fee Structure
Registration Fee Processing Fee
$0 - $149.99 6.75% plus $1.25
$150 - $499.99 3.75% plus $5.75
$500 and up 2.75% plus $10.75
*No Up Front Setup Fee
*With a $3.25 minimum per registration per person
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What about foreign registration?
Our online registration services are available to any sites. However, we currently only deal in U.S. or Canadian dollars. If you use our online registration service, payments will be processed in dollars and we will send you a check in U.S. dollars.
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How do I get started?
The path to online registration begins here. Now it's easier than ever to get started with online registration! You will walk you through an online set-up process and complete the following steps: general listing information (when, where, contact info, etc.), agree to the events services agreement, provide accounting information, create a registration category and set your registration prices. To get started, go to Active.com's Registration Center
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What is Active.com's privacy policy?
For more information on our privacy policy, please follow this link: http://www.activenetwork.com/information/privacy-policy
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Are online transactions secure?
Active.com protects registrants' payment information at all times using several thorough security policies and safeguards. Strict security begins at the point of data transmission, where we use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption certificates issued by industry leader VeriSign (www.verisign.com) on all of our payment servers.

This SLL encryption scrambles all payment information between the registrants' computers and our servers, payment data is effectively locked away by storing payment data on separate servers that do not have direct access to the Internet, and protecting them from digital access using a firewall. Payment data is further secured by limiting access, in fact denying access, from the Web site. Our Web site does not read credit card data from the database, nor does it make that data available to event administrators using our data export utility. Thus, credit card data is never available on the Web site, never leaves the Active systems, and event administrators are protected from the risk they would incur if they had to store and protect that data themselves.

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If I forgot my username and password, what do I do?
Go to our home page and select "forget your password?" from the menu on the left side (under the username and password login at the top of the page). Enter in your e-mail address and click "submit." Your username and password will immediately be e-mailed to you.

NOTE: If your username and password are associated with a different e-mail address then the one you are currently using, you will not receive the e-mail, as we may not have the new address associated with your username and password. You will have to contact us to get your userID.

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What is Active.com?
With over 20,000 events in 41 sports, Active.com is the undisputed world leader in safe, reliable online registration. Last year alone, we processed over 1 million transactions, a 400% increase from 1999. In 2001, we are poised to shatter that mark.

The acquisition of eteamz.com has also made us one of the 10 most-trafficked sports sites on the web. And more users are logging on every day to access our community features, training tools, web page building engine, sport-specific content and of course, online registration.

Our online registration services are flexible enough to handle a local basketball tournament or a big city running race. This year, San Francisco's famed Bay to Breakers footrace used Active.com to process over 25,000 registrations for their event.

Our clients include event directors and park and recreation professionals who have enjoyed the convenience of our robust registration tool and the unparalleled service we provide to our users.

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What is Registration Protector?
ACTIVE Network offers your participants the option of purchasing Registration Protector when they register for your event. Registration Protector insures a participant's full registration fee, for covered reasons, without any financial risk or customer service resource drain to you. You can now have a stricter refund and transfer policies to improve your bottom line. Participants will have less hesitation to register early since they've minimized their own risk with registration insurance.

When your participants purchase Registration Protector, they will receive a confirmation email with information about their coverage and how to make a claim. You do not have to do anything.

For more information about Registration Protector, contact your ACTIVE sales representative or call 888-620-8717, option 2. You can also learn more about the coverage provided by going to the Allianz website (www.allianztravelinsurance.com/online/active).

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