Swim Lessons - Regular Level 3

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The swimming lessons offered by Mountain Home Parks and Recreation are certified American Red Cross swim lessons. The main purpose of these lessons is to teach children and young adults safety in, on and around the water. Children will also learn proper swim technique; in order to pass each level the student must perform to the standard objective set by the Red Cross. If you have any questions during the course please ask your child's instructor. Level 3 Stroke Development- In level 3 students begin developing their strokes. The prerequisites of this course is coordinated forward movement on the front and back with arms and legs-front stroke, backstroke, breaststroke-to a distance of 15 feet. The strokes students will build upon from previous levels are: front stroke, backstroke, elementary backstroke, and the beginnings of the butterfly (dolphin kick). Students will also begin to learn dives and treading water. To pass this course students must be strong enough and competent enough in the strokes to swim at least 15 yards front stroke and backstroke. Students within the course must perform proficiently to the standard set by the American Red Cross.

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