How to Use Yoga for Stress Relief

In a place of quietude, we can begin to speak calmly to ourselves and delve into the reasons behind our anger. We learn to step back from the emotion and examine it with a discerning eye.

We may find that our anger is justified, but there is a better way to express it than through an emotional outburst and physical tension.

Discovering the nature of freewill is one of the gifts of yoga. We can choose to change our world view simply by changing our perspective. In a quiet state of mind, anger takes on a very different meaning.

Being angry is one way of seeing things. Being inspired to make a creative change, or to right a wrong, is another way of seeing the same situation.

Freewill is the power to act without constraint. We have the power to be cognizant of all of our choices and their consequences. In a place of peace, better choices and consequences are realized.

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Here is an easy yoga exercise to do anytime anger rears its ugly head.

Inspire with Yoga

Sit cross-legged on a mat. Make your hands into fists and pull the elbows back past the plane of your body.

Press your chest out. Close your eyes and sit still. Remember anger is not a bad thing, it's a great motivator, but we have to channel it creatively.

Inhale, and hold your breath while thrusting one of your fists forward as far as you can in a punching motion. Hold your breath until you can't hold it any longer.

Bring your arm back to your side as you exhale, and then repeat on the other side. Do this at least three times on each side.

Now, sit quietly and take in three deep breaths. Your energy will settle into a quiet place. Listen to your inner voice.

Examine your energy as the anger dissipates and your energy guides you to a place of inspiration.

Then, get up, smile, and observe how easy it is to turn anger into inspiration.

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