How to Use Yoga for Stress Relief

Can we use yoga to turn anger into inspiration? According to yoga philosophy, there are four fundamental passions at the root of all our problems. Anger is one of them.

No one likes to be angry or be with an angry person. Anger is an emotion we try to avoid. In our everyday lives, however, anger often rears its ugly head.

We get angry at our mate, a coworker, or the guy who cuts us off in traffic. But just as this emotion has the power to disturb us, it also has the power to inspire us. With a little willpower, insight and forethought, we can turn any negative emotion into a source of inspiration.

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What is anger? The classical definition is; an emotion that ranges from frustration and mild irritation to rage. It's a reaction to a perceived threat. It's a warning system that tells us that something is wrong.

Anger has three components: physical, mental and behavioral. On a physical level, we experience a rush of adrenaline, a tightening of the muscles and a "flight or fight" response.

Cognitively (mentally), we perceive or think about what is making us angry. On a behavioral level we express our anger in a variety of ways that range from facial expressions, to yelling, and sometimes violence.

Everyone experiences anger. It's a normal emotion. But according to Karma yoga, it's very difficult for us to express the right amount of anger at the right time and for the right reason.

We tend to perceive and react without a basis or an understanding. Yoga teaches us that awareness. Self-talk and freewill are valuable tools that can guide us through our angry emotions, and turn them into inspiration.

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Awareness is crucial to inspiration. There is sometimes a misconception that yoga is just a bunch of poses and postures, but it is so much more. Yoga is a pathway that leads to awareness, and awareness leads to enlightenment.

Yoga helps us become more aware of ourselves in body and in mind. It teaches us to feel in the body the thoughts and emotions we hold in our mind, and through our body we examine how our thoughts affect our health.

Yoga uses postures, breathing and meditation to teach us to be peaceful, patient and calm.

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