2013 Shasta Summit Century

About This Activity

We offer you a set of challenging century rides -- including a leg-burning 139 mile ride with 16,500'; of climbing. It';s all laid out on a cloverleaf route, so you ride until you can';t ride any more (the finish is only a downhilll away). Every foot of the way you';re treated to stunning views of our beautiful area, including 14,179'; Mt. Shasta (which, it turns out, is a stratovolcano).

Plus great food, lightly traveled rural roads, and the universe';s best volunteers.

The Super Century

This 139 mile ride is the equivalent of a Tour de France mountain stage. Four significant climbs add up to 16,500'; of climbing. Not sure if you';re ready for this challenge? Our route forms a cloverleaf, so you can bail out at any time and only face a downhill ride back. Time to test yourself!

The Summit Century

All the views of the Super Century but 100 miles and 10,500'; of climbing. Very similar to the Super Century -- but it omits the first climb and the half the second climb. The same cloverleaf route means you';re never too far from the finish. It';s perfect if you';ve ridden a century but want to test yourself with a beautiful-but-hilly century.

Metric Century

Ideal for those who can finish a flat metric century (55 miles/4,000'; of climbing).

Half Metric

One climb is all you face, yet the views are stunning. 30 miles/2100'; of climbing.

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