Guppy - Swimming Lessons - 6:05pm - Fall II

About This Activity

  • Ages:  6-12 years
  • Ratio of 4 participants-to-1 instructor

These swimmers review previous skills and work to develop endurance in swimming, floating and treading water. Swimmers also learn rescue skills and personal safety. Class also includes a discussion of YMCA values and an introduction to team water sports.

Pre-requisites: Pass Ray/Trout or ability to perform these skills

  • Front and back alternating paddle 10 yards
  • Front and back symmetrical paddle 10 yards
  • Tread water 15 seconds
  • Front and back glides
  • Jump into deep water and recover to wall

Compare to:

  • American Red Cross - Preschool Level 3
  • Foss - Little 4



Children work on basic aquatic skills such as enter & exit the water, blow bubbles through mouth and nose, go under water, bobbing, front and back glides, retrieve submerged objects and water safety. 

Class Length: 40 minutes


  • Increased safety and rescue skills
  • Increased swimming skills
  • Readiness for next swim instruction level: Minnow

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