Magic of Northern Lights in Lapland, Finland

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This individual Northern Lights holiday takes place at the Luosto Resort in the heart of the Finnish Lapland. On average the northern lights can be seen from Luosto about 200 nights a year. Santa's Hotel Aurora gives you a comfortable stay, with dining and relaxation during the evenings, and exciting adventures during daytime. Activities at Luosto include riding on snow mobiles, trekking on snowshoes and taking part in reindeer and husky riding. All activities can be bought either in advance or during the holiday. Prices from £649 per person. The Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis, is a light phenomenon that occurs in the Arctic sky on clear, dark nights, caused by solar winds interacting with the earth's magnetic field. The deep green and yellow colours, sometimes streaked with bands of red, are one of the most astonishing natural phenomena one can witness. They can be seen from September to April, but unfortunately their occurrence cannot be reliably predicted.

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