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ZUMBAZumba is a 55-minute aerobic-dance program featuring a variety of rhythms from all over Latin America; such as Salsa, Merengue, Cha Cha, Mambo, Samba, Belly Dancing, Reggae, Cumbia, and some Hip Hop! Zumba combines high energy and motivational music with unique moves and combinations that allow the Zumba participants to dance away their worries. It's based on the principle that a workout should be "FUN AND EASY TO DO" in order for Zumba participants to stick to the Zumba fitness program to achieve long-term health benefits. Zumba is not only great for the body, but also great for the mind. It is a "feel-happy" workout! Instructor: Deanna Taphorn. Ages 14 & Older.

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