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MOCSA?s HEALTHY BOUNDARIES SERIESHealthy and Unhealthy Relationships - Participants will learn the differences between healthy and unhealthy relationships by examining the characteristics of various personal relationships. Discussion focuses on identifying key components of healthy relationships and how to seek help if in an unhealthy relationship.Workplace and/or Community Living Boundaries - Participants will learn about the different types of sexual harassment, appropriate workplace/community living boundaries and behaviors, and what to do if they are being sexually harassed. Workplace or Community Living policies can be incorporated into this presentation.Safe Touches - Participants will learn about safe and unsafe sexual behaviors including the definition of sexual assault. Additional topics may include dating rights, laws, and drugs used to facilitate rape. Safety, prevention, and resource information will also be discussed.?The Whole Truth? - MOCSA shows a 30 minute video written by Dave Hingsburger and Joe Jobes, ?The Whole Truth,? starring persons with disabilities who encounter an unsafe person in their group home. Participants will follow the characters as they identify and seek help for protection from abuse. Following the video is a discussion of the video and an overview of MOCSA?s Healthy Boundaries series. Ages 16 & Older. Parents welcome to attend.T 7:00-7:45pm Meeting Room B6601.102 10/9-10/30 FREE

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