RevSports-Tennis MightyStars ages 6-8

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RevSports-Tennis classes focus on various aspects of the game and understanding some of the rules. Each practice will involve a lot of practice swinging the racket and returning balls over the net. Every player needs to provide their own racket. If you would like to borrow a racket to try-out sizing during the first class, contact park or RevSports directly. This MightyStars class is a non-competitive foundational skills program for players to advance their individual skills in a class environment. Kids are at different levels, but activities and instructions are created for players at all levels. MPRB partners with Revolutionary Sports to provide this activity. RevSports is directed by nationally licensed Coach John Richardson and staffed by experienced, trained, professional coaches that understand that value of age-appropriate sports instruction. Unique curriculum was developed for age appropriate creative instructions. Class begins with a warm-up, followed by a fun active game, and always end with an age-appropriate scrimmage. Come join the fun, improve your child's skills, boost their confidence, and help build your participant?s interest with an important sport foundation! For more information visit

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