RevSports-Soccer MiniStars (Ages 5-7)

About This Activity

RevSports-Soccer maximizes the time a player spends with their own ball. One theme is consistent through entire practice ending with a game. Themes include stopping ball, kicking with different parts of feet, using inside of foot to pass, learning direction and speed, and changing direction controlling ball in tighter spaces. 

This MiniStars class is a non-competitive fundamental skills program for players to become more confident through improving player?s inter-personal and motor skills. Unique curriculum was developed for individual skill development to build off PreStars and KinderStars classes. Sessions begin with the instruction of a focused skill necessary for playing, followed by a fun modified versions of the sport, and always end with an age appropriate game. Come join the fun, improve skills, and boost confidence! 

MPRB partners with Revolutionary Sports to provide this activity. RevSports is directed by nationally licensed Coach John Richardson and staffed by experienced, trained, professional coaches that understand that value of age-appropriate sports instruction. For more information visit 

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