RevSports-Basketball Fundamental League (ages 6-8)

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This RevSports- Basketball Fundamental League is a great way to learn while playing. Each day begins with 15-20 minutes of instruction focused on an important sport skill. The remainder of the time is dedicated to a game. RevSports staff approach games as an opportunity to teach and develop players (and parents). All participants should come from 1:00-2:00 on Week 1. Following week times will vary, and schedules will be provided. Plan on game times between 1:00-5:00. Sign up as an individual, with a friend, or as a whole team! MPRB partners with Revolutionary Sports to provide this activity. RevSports is directed by nationally licensed Coach John Richardson and staffed by experienced, trained, professional coaches that understand that value of age-appropriate sports instruction. Unique curriculum was developed for age appropriate creative instructions. For more information visit

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