5th Annual Tri-City Kids Triathlon

About This Activity

The Tri-City Kids' Triathlon was created to foster a healthy lifestyle and a sense of accomplishment for kids ages 6-15. Each triathlete will swim, bike, and run to complete the competition. NO EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY. This is a fantastic opportunity for your child to participate in an enjoyable, low-key athletic event that will instill self-confidence in your child. This event emphasizes health, self-esteem, self-confidence and fun, in a safe, family-friendly environment.

Registration Deadline

Note that the event is limited to 350 participants, and will fill up, so register early! Mail-in registrations must be post-marked by July 10, 2013. Online registration will close once we reach our cap of 350 or at midnight on July 17th (whichever comes first). Only those athletes registered before July 1st, 2013 are guaranteed a t-shirt, so register early!

Race Distances

6-11 Years Old: - 25 yd. swim - 2 mile bike - 1/2 mile run
12-15 Years Old: - 50 yd. swim - 3.7 mile bike - 1/2 mile run
Open Division (all ages allowed, 6-15*): - 100 yd. swim - 3.7 mile bike - 1 mile run
*please note: for the Open Division, any athlete ages 6-15 may participate, but athletes will be competing against ALL other athletes of their own gender. (i.e. no age-group division/awards). Trophies to be given to the top 3 overall finishers for each gender.

Swim Course

The swim will take place at Dow High's indoor pool. Ages 6-11 will complete one length of the pool (25 yd.). Ages 12-15 will complete two lengths of the pool (50 yd.). Those doing the Open Division will swim four lengths of the pool (100 yd.). NOTE: Swimmers are welcome to use swimming aids, but will not be eligible for age-group awards if doing so.

Bike Course

Athletes ages 6-11 will bike 2 miles, going from the transition area down Saginaw Rd. to Cook Rd., where they will do a U-turn. Athletes ages 12-15 (and Open Division athletes) will bike 3.7 miles, following the same course as mentioned above, but going further to make a U-turn at Orchard Dr.

Run Course

All athletes (except those in the Open Division) will complete a 1/2 mile run on the grounds of Dow High, and will finish on the track in front of the bleachers. Those athletes doing the Open Division will complete a 1-mile run on the grounds of Dow High, finishing on the track in front of the bleachers.


All athletes will receive a goodie bag, finisher's medal and an ice cream cone. The top three finishers from each age group will receive an additional award. Refreshments for participants will also be served following the race.

Age Groups

Boys: 6-7, 8-9, 10-11, 12-13, & 14-15
Girls: 6-7, 8-9, 10-11, 12-13, & 14-15
Open Division: all ages may participate (6-15)


Plan to stay after the completion of the race for a chance to win great prizes from local merchants, including the grand prize of a brand-new bike from Bicycle HQ!!

Contact Us

If you are interested in volunteering to help with the event, or if you want to contact us for any other reason, please contact: Jen Coleman trikidstry@att.net

Proceeds from the race will benefit the Fibrous Dysplasia Foundation, a non-profit organization which provides information, advocacy and support for patients and caregivers of those with Fibrous Dysplasia and McCune Albright Syndrome.

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