Bingo & Pizza (Nov. 2012)

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It's Bingo & Pizza Fun! Cocktails at 4:30pm, Pizza at 5:00pm. BINGO will follow soon after.  Fee: $7 ($2 is for the pizza and  remaining  $5 pays for your first card which pays $50 for BINGO.   If you are enrolled and can't make it, you must notify the Concierge Desk, as we typically have a waiting list of residents who want to play.  You may  not make your own substitution with your friends or guests.  A second card that pays $100 can be purchased for an additional $5. Guest registration 7 days prior to event based on availability.  Sign up before it sells out!  Deadline to sign up is the Thursday before Bingo.  No refunds after the Thursday before Bingo.

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