Event - Marietta Mudder

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The Marietta Mudder is a 5K obstacle course for ages 14 and up. The course winds around the Washington County Career Center fields and trails. We have 18 rigorous obstacles...You will trudge through mud, climb obstacles, scale water edges, and much more! For a look at the course map go to www.mariettaymca.org After party and awards ceremony will take place at Boathouse BBQ!

Registration begins at 7am. The race begins at 9am. The mini-mudder will begin at 11am. Trophies: 1st, 2nd,3rd place for men and woman. Ribbons: all mini mudder participants. Course Description: 1. Mudder Hill - Hike about 50 yards up a soft surfaced hill with a 45 degree angle. 2. Mud Pit Climb - Go through a pit of mud 1-2 feet deep then climb out of pit and up an 8-10 foot high, dirt hill. 3. Spider Web - Go through a pine tree covered trail that is around 50 yards, weave your way through the web that has been strung from tree to tree. 4. Pond Escape - Run along a steep pond bank-side, try not to fall in! 5. Cargo Net Wall - Climb over a 10 foot high wall with a cargo net draped over it. 6. Tunnel Crawl - Crawl through a 10 foot tunnel 3 feet in diameter. 7. Over-Under Hay Bale - Jump over hay bale then crawl under hale bale bridge; 5 consecutive sets of over-unders. 8. Wire Trudge - Get on your stomach and crawl army-style under 20 yards of wire. 9. Double Black Diamond - Climb 50-70 yards downhill, at a roughly 45 degree angle, holding rope to help guide. 10. Creek Bank Scale - Cross creek and climb up creek bank, using rope for support. 11. Grind Stone Climb - Climb up grind stones to the next plateau. 12. Broken Bridge Crossing - Go across a bridge that has a 5 foot gap in the middle, with water below, using a 6 inch wide plank and rope overhead for support. 13. Dumpster Diving - Climb into a 3’6” x 22’6” dumpster filled with water. 14. 30 Suicide Jumps - Stationary exercise - in a continuous motion, go down to push-up position then back to your feet, hands overhead and jump as high as you can. 15. Ridgeline Rise - Hike trail on the hillside. 16. Hay Bale Hill - Climb over a rolled hay bale hill. 17. Culvert Trudge - Crawl 10 yards through a muddy culvert. 18. Water Slide - Slide down wet, tarped hill.

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