JackRabbit Winter Indoor Cycling - Downtown

About This Activity

With the temperature dropping and days getting shorter, it s become increasingly difficult to do quality cycling outdoors. Spending time on the trainer at home, alone in your apartment is an option, but we all know how boring that can be. To help you maintain some of the fitness benefits from this past season, and help you enter the new season strong, we ve developed this group training program with triathletes and distance cyclists in mind.

Not your traditional spin class, we will focus on long, sustained efforts, similar to what you would experience on race day. Out of the saddle riding and short intense bursts of speed will not be a regular part of this class. Instead, each workout of this eight week program will build upon the week before in over-all intensity and energy required. At the end of the eight weeks, you will be able to maintain a high, quality level of effort for the full 90 minutes, allowing you to transition to spring outdoor cycling with a measure of strength, power, and endurance.

No triathlon or spin experience is required for participation.

Fee: $120

Day/Time: Sundays from 8:00 9:30pm

Dates: Program begins Sunday, January 6th thru February 23rd, 8 weeks.

Questions: programs@jackrabbitsports.com

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