Trout Fishing: A Life Skill

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      Acquire a skill that will enrich the rest of your life! And just in time to get out there and take advantage of Wisconsin's summer-long trout season... Trout streams and rivers offer a great variety of subtle and spectacular beauty. A sport for the physically fit willing to pursue wild trout amongst wildlife, native plants and sensory beauty. We will explore the what, where, why, who and when of spin fishing for trout: the necessary equipment and skills to fool wild and wily native trout; the streams and rivers, along with specific bends and runs that will produce fish; blending in with streams and fields unchanged from long before civilization; the best times and conditions to fool and catch trout. Hands on skills taught in class and in a last session, Saturday afternoon, field trip. If you choose, learn how to catch, clean and prepare a wild trout and occasionally enjoy a truly organic meal. Why not you? Anyone can explore and enjoy Wisconsin's trout waters! Car pooling for field trip discussed in class. Having own basic equipment - rod, reel and spinners, required. Alternate weather date for field session discussed in class, no refunds for inability to attend alternate date. 4 Meetings. INSTRUCTOR: Gary Balgord has over 50 years experience successfully fishing Wisconsin trout waters.

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