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    Save 80% or more on your next cruise and still have lots of fun!  Learn tips on how to save more than enough to take another cruise -- possibly two more. Best of all, you do not have to cut back on your fun. In fact, you will probably have more fun and less hassle than the average cruiser. Are you locked into second seating meals and you really do not want to dine at 8:30pm? Get first sitting dining at no cost -- often even weeks after it has been fully booked. Sightsee with a semi-private guide at a fraction of the price the cruise line charges for sightseeing with a motorcoach full of passengers. Find hidden sailing dates that can save you as much as 45% each on your cruise price. Liquor is the third most expensive cost of many cruise passengers. Find out how you can legally bring liquor aboard many cruise ships. By following just a few of the tips provided you can have more fun than you ever thought possible on a cruise and save dramatically. 1 Meeting. INSTRUCTOR: Jim Poynter has worked in over 30 countries and had been helping others for just as many years.

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