Beer Geek 101

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It's been said that life's too short to drink bad beer, and it's true! Become a beer geek (not a snob!).  Learn how to experience and judge beers using all five of your senses. Join a national rank Beer Judge on a journey through the world of beers and the ingredients that make them. We will sample ten different styles, light to dark, and use each to learn more about judging flavor, aroma, mouthfeel and much more. Join us and enhance your beer geekdom! Proof of age required at class. 1 Meeting. INSTRUCTOR:  Bill Rogers is the owner of the Malt House Tavern, voted Madison's favorite beer bar. He is a cofounder of Madison Craft Beer Week, a 20-year home brewer and has been Chairman of the Great Taste of the Midwest five times.

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