Acting Techniques: For Your Life or On Stage!

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     Whether you are an aspiring actor wanting to nail that audition, a business professional making presentations in the office or just interested in taking the mystery out of acting, this course is for you! Through focusing on improvisation, personality exercises, theater games and character building you will learn to lose your inhibitions and improve your presentation in only five weeks. Applicable to any area of your life, this class will get you feeling confident in your ability to stand up in front of a group (no more stage fright!) and make people believe what you have to say! 5 Meetings. INSTRUCTOR: Kevin Croak, a casting director, has been teaching acting for over 20 years. He has appeared in over 300 films and 100 plays.

"Much more than a Mini Course. A life-changing event!"

"Best monologues I've ever seen were in Acting Techniques."

"These techniques are invaluable for actors and everyday life."

(All from recent Acting Techniques participants)

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