Camp Lu Lay Lea

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Camp Lu Lay Lea is now entering its 65th summer of operation and is open to all boys and girls ages 8-14 regardless of race, creed, or color. We offer six one-week sessions, each accommodating up to 86 campers per week. Camp is located on picturesque Henderson Lake in one of the state’s loveliest regions, with abundant trees and foliage providing a gorgeous backdrop for camp activity. Young people need positive constructive, interesting and challenging things to do with their time. Camp Lu Lay Lea structures its schedule to provide these opportunities. Campers play, learn, strengthen their faith in a Christian environment, and grow in a space rich with the charming elegance of Northern Michigan. The staff of Camp Lu Lay Lea comprises a responsible group of imaginative and resourceful people, chosen for both their sense of responsibility as well as their commitment to children. All staff receive extensive training, including Red Cross certification. Waterfront and health center personnel complete additional intensive course work. Camp Lu Lay Lea is licensed by the State of Michigan, and is regularly inspected by county and state authorities. Owned and Operated by the Saginaw Valley Zone Lutheran Laymen’s League.

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