Foundations of Spanish III - Community Wide

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*Foundations I - Assumes little or no experience with target language. you will learn: Greetings and Farewells, Professions; Alphabet Numbers; Gender of nouns and adjectives, Subject pronouns; Verbs SER, ESTAR, Present progressive, Months, days, seasons; GUSTAR; HAY, People and family; TENER; Possessive adjectives, Question words; IR.
*Foundations II - Students are building on a basic foundation and understanding of the language. You will learn: The verbs QUERER, PODER, Present tense conjugation; Weather, Clothes; Body partsTime; Transportation, Directions, City; Travel verbs, Stem-changing verbs.
*Foundations III- Once students have the basics, the following concepts will be introduced: The verb DAR, Direct object pronouns; Indirect object pronouns, Reflexive verbs, Acabar de; SABER, CONOCER, Possessive pronouns; Comparatives and superlatives, Imperfect tense.
*Intermediate - Continuation of imperfect tense; Telling time; Free time; Por and Para; "Iba a", Preterit tense.
*Advanced I - Preterit vs. Imperfect; Travel; Combination of object and reflexive pronouns, Household items; Demonstrative adjectives; Commands (positive), Commands (negative); Future tense; Conditional tense.
*Advanced II - The verb HABER and present perfect, irregular past participles; forming the present subjunctive uses of present subjunctive; Imperfect (past) subjunctive, formation and uses; Imperfect subjunctive and conditional.

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