Gymnastics for Girls, Ages 4.5 thru 7

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Gymnastics is for girls, ages 4.5 thru 7 years of age, beginner thru intermediate level.  The Girls Gymnastics program introduces training of skills on JR Olympic apparatus:  Balance Beam, Uneven Bars, Vault and Tumbling.  Our equipment also includes a back handspring trainer that safely instructs a gymnast for the proper form and techniqu for learning back handsprings and back walkovers.  All of the equipment adjusts in size for proper training and is padded for safety.  Each child will learn and progress at their own pace from beginner thru intermediate levels.  No experience is required.  This is an excellent opportunity for girls to master strength and conditioning exercises and enhance other programs like cheerleading, dance or acrobatic classes they are enrolled in.  Beam skills like jumping, turns, rolls, cartwheels, walkovers and routines; Vault skills include proper running, flank and straddle.  Uneven bar skills; hip pullovers, cast, support, front and back hip circle and kick ups.  Girls are asked to wear leotards with or without warm-up suits.  Shorts and t-shirts that are not oversized or restricted are allowed.  Long hair must be pulled back and no jewelry is allowed.  Socks should not be worn because of the lack of traction on the equipment. Those that sign up for all three will have the opportunity to participate in the end of the year ceremony with medals and tees presented to each child in the "Olympic Tradition".  Please go to for program dates/details/class pictures or to email the instructor.  Instructor is Lorrie Rousseau.  No class on Wednesday, April 24.

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